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Sigismond NEUKOMM

Sigismond Neukomm

25 Grandes Études pour Orgue

Ref.  PBM 30.99

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A volume 225 x 310 (landscape format). 244-page. Edition François Sabatier and Nanon Bertrand. Presentation and Editorial notes in French, English.


Maestoso in C major, Andantino in C major, Andantino in F major, Maestoso in A minor, Andante sostenuto in C major, Andantino in A major, Andante in F major, The Last Judgement, Pastoral, Maestoso in C major, Andante in G major, Maestoso in D major, Vivace in D minor, Andantino in G major, Adagio in D minor, A Concert on a Lake Interrupted by a thunder-storm, Andantino in G minor, Andantino in D major, Adagio in G minor, Maestoso in D major, Andantino in C major, Vivace assai in E minor, Andante in C major, Funeral March, Moderato assai in C major.


Apart from any stylistic consideration, the 25 Voluntaries, composed from 1832 to 1834, are made more interesting by the fact that they constitute an original departure in a genre which, while already well developped for the piano, had not been yet caught on for the organ.

The pieces contained in this edition are stored in the National Library in manuscript form and in the New York Public Library in printed form.
The music will sound well on all Cavaillé-Coll’s instruments (a craftsman staunchly supported by Neukomm), and other symphonic instruments and on any neo-classical organ.

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