Nanon Bertrand

Nanon Bertrand studied solo piano, piano accompaniment, then harpsichord and early piano technique before devoting her talents to organ playing. She developed her knowledge in the musicological field and has participated in cataloguing at the French Bibliothèque nationale de France, Avignon's Mediatheque and Library of Société des Concerts. She actually participates to the inventory of the Niedermeyer's private records on behalf of the Niedermeyer Foundation in Nyon (Switherland).

In 1992, she founded Publimuses®¹, which specialises in the critical edition of 19th century French repertoire, specially that of the Organ.

In cooperation with musicologists F. Sabatier, T. Adhumeau, she has brought to light works by F. Benoist, A. Chauvet, S. Neukomm, L. Niedermeyer, and some works by Boëllmann not previously published... Recently, she added to the catalogue works by A. Ribollet and René Vierne, the Louis Vierne's brother.

In 2001, she has undertaken the first comprehensive edition of A.P.F. Boëly's organ work.

The first four volumes (of ten), published in cooperation with H. de Rohan-Csermak, have been praised by the International Press: The American Organist Magazine, The Diapason, Organist' Review, Organ, Choir & Organ, The Organ, Arte organistica, La Tribune de l'orgue, L'orgue...

Since 2008, new titles have been released: Solemn Mass after several baroque composers, in cooperation with E. Lebrun; volume V: The op. 10 & 12; volume VI: The self-transcriptions — the Toccata op. 43/13 posthumous; O salutaris for choir SATB and organ; 3 Melodies for cello and expressive organ.

Other titles are in progress: volume VII: The Masses & Mass Verses; volume VIII: Hymns and Anthems; and also Sub tuum and Salve Regina for choir SSB with accompaniment. Later, the Suites in early style, more canticles, etc.

It is planned to add to this collection a few opus of the work for piano.

Organist for ten years in a Lutheran church, then deputy in several Parisian churches, she is now organist in a parish in central Paris. As an organ recitalist, she performes on the illustrious organs of St. Sulpice, the Madeleine, St. Augustin, St. Thomas d'Aquin, St. Vincent-de-Paul, Ste. Odile, Salpetriere, Billettes... and also in the provinces. She has appeared in England (on December 6th, 2004, she gave the premiere of Boëly's Mass for the Christmas day at St. Martin-in-the-Fields with Westminster Cathedral and Brompton Oratory singers²), Sweden, Finland, Switherland and California.

Her experience in keyboards playing alllied to musicological curiosity has led her to propose highly interesting programmes which combine little known music with instrument characteristics of the organ and early piano.

Mme Bertrand has been awarded the French National Decoration “Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres” for her engagement in the promotion of French musical Heritage.

¹ The Publimuses collections are now managed by the Société de Musique française du XIXe siècle.

² Reviewed in The American Organist Magazine and The Diapason.

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