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Jean STEINMETZ (1930-2005)

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Carillon pour Grand Orgue

Ref.  B.G.2017.12
Price  16.00 €

Technical info
A volume 225 x 310 « landscape ». 18-page. Preface in French and English.

Association Boëllmann-Gigout


Written in 1980 and dedicated to “In memory of Louis Vierne and in memory of Léonce de Saint-Martin”, this piece, without being entirely a pastiche, cannot fail to recall the style of the famous Westminster Carillon of Vierne, at the same time as that of his direct successor, Léonce de Saint-Martin, by certain harmonies and modulations concessions quite specific to the latter. Jean Steinmetz premiered the work on June 10th 1984 during a recital given on the prestigious Cavaillé-Coll in Notre-Dame de Paris.


Fairly difficult.

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